Reflections, Realizations and Resolutions

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Prefacing this by saying that this is a long, overdue post--

2013 was quite the year. I've never had so much change take place in such a short amount of time and, in retrospect, I think I took it in strides. 

Throughout the beginning of last year, I was finishing up the yearbook (co-editor in chief alum, holler), working in retail, finishing the last of my college applications, and completing senior year with my solid group of friends with whom I spent almost all of my free time. The entire second semester was mainly wrapping up all things high school- to me anyways. Then again, senioritis hit pretty hard after winter break.

By the time spring break rolled around, I found out that I had gotten into Cal Poly and the yearbook had been officially completed. Not only was I officially headed to a gorgeous school, but the yearbook was finished-- this was monumental! Sending in the final pages was a huge accomplishment as much of my senior year was spent stressing over headlines, bylines and deadlines. Also, knowing that this book is actually receiving awards this current school year makes the stress of the past completely worth it.

From there, it was smooth sailing all the way until graduation. In May, the Senior Ball I had put together with the other senior class officer went smoothly and I had an incredible time with my date. Fun fact: a promise made in seventh grade led to him coming with me to my Ball. In addition to that last dance, senior activities were a blast with graduation itself being unreal. You're told the years fly by and they honestly do.

I had mentioned that I had gotten into Cal Poly, however right before graduation, I made the life-changing decision to attend Sierra College- a local junior college. It's extremely naive for me to say so but this was the hardest decision I have ever had to make in my short 18 years. I had worked incredibly hard in high school, with taking the right classes and being involved in what seemed like a ton of extracurriculars, the thought of attending a junior college had made me feel like a failure.

However, as not to diss community colleges, much of what I learned in 2013 stemmed from my enrollment at Sierra College. Unlike what I had heard from classmates in high school, Sierra is not like high school in the slightest. Despite having a few friends also attending Sierra, I felt completely independent at school. Students go to school to get what they need done and then they leave. Having always been surrounded by a big group of friends, this was new.

This ultimately taught me the biggest lesson in 2013-- it taught me how to be alone. I'm content with being by myself when I wasn't before and honestly, it's incredibly freeing.

--For the record, I also learned that my distaste regarding community colleges was completely unwarranted. Along with making my freshman year a lot more affordable than Cal Poly would have been, I have nothing but good words to describe my experience with my professors. In all honesty, if I didn't have such a bad case of wanderlust, I wouldn't mind finishing two years at Sierra.

Anyways, moving forward from where I am at right now, 2014, I am more than ready for you. I feel like you will also bring a lot of change, as I plan to move away to school next fall, and I could not be more excited. 

My goals are to take a picture a day and to save for a car. My resolution? Seize the day, as well as appreciate the day-- everyday. 

I also resolve to wear sunscreen more often than not. I've heard that my future self will thank me for it.


  1. isn't it cool what college teaches you (and not just the stuff that comes from books) I loved the feeling of going to class and the teachers giving me full responsibility to do the work or not. it wasn't forced it was shoved down our throats we were now adults. I love that sense of pride like "I chose to be here" no one made me come. :) its so great and scary at the same time

    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly-- in a span of six months, you learn to become incredibly independent. It really is exciting :)


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